I’m glad to offer 3 separate weekly online courses in 3 different languages, one on Tuesday (German) and two on Wednesday (Spanish and English). The content is variable, but the inflexible intent is, that we are all free.

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Transformation Tuesday (auf Deutsch)

Note: In English and Spanish on request I offer weekly online courses on Wednesdays. If you are interested enter your email here

The time of the heart 

We are on the threshold of a new time. The old conventions of perception have led to us being made small, bent, conformed through socialisation. We have been robbed of our identity and our true potential through submission to a social order of fear. It is now time to create something new. For this it is necessary to continue to clean up our “inner house”, to dissolve old beliefs and patterns and to be happy.

What you will learn in this course: 

– Breathwork/Holotropic Breathwork.

– Toltec Recapitulation

– Mindfulness / The Art of Stalking

– Ancestral Qigong

– various meditation techniques  

Time: Tuesdays, 19:00-21:00 PM

Location: Zoom

Participation: Open classes for beginners and advanced. Everyone is welcome. Single ticket: € 40,- (with Tuesday-Flatrate as flexible 10’s ticket € 30,-)

Registration: glowing.bird@gmail.com

Miracle Wednesday (English and Spanish)

Recharge our batteries and continue to clean up our inner house. Participants of all languages are welcome. We connect on our path with heart, reminding each other who we really are: magical beings with unlimited possibilities.


20 minutes Ancestral Qigong (Tensi).

20 minutes Toltec Recapitulation (release of entanglements from the past)

10 minutes of silence and/or creative visualisation

10 minutes Integration and Sharing (in the respective language, without translation)

IMPORTANT NOTE: German-speaking participants and all (!) languages are also welcome and can use the last 10 minutes, where speaking may take place, to stay in silence and integrate. 

Miércoles de los Milagros (Course in Spanish)

Time: CET 19:00-20:00 PM

Miracle Wednesday (course in English)

Time: CET 20:15-21:15 PM

PARTICIPATION: Open classes for beginners and advanced. Everyone is welcome. Single ticket: € 22,- (with Tuesday-Flatrate as flexible 10’s ticket € 18,-)

REGISTRATION: glowing.bird@gmail.com